Quickie Eggs

I had about four minutes to get out of the house this morning. I thought, oh hey, I can totally make myself breakfast. And then I realized I wouldn’t be able to inhale a bowl of Cheerios or make myself waffles in time to get out of the door. (No, I don’t eat frozen waffles. I have a waffle maker!!) So I checked the fridge real quick and thanked the gods (you know, like Paula Deen and Giada de Laurentiis) that I had some eggs in the fridge and some tortillas (almost always on hand). Brilliance struck! I kinda was hoping for lightning for something, but i’m not that cool.

Again, I lined up the supplies. I know, you wanted to know that I have diced tomatoes ready in my fridge for moments like this.

Then pulled out my handy mini frying pan. It’s probably one of the best cooking items I’ve ever purchased. Notice I poked the yolk so it would cook faster.

It took no time to get this mini pan fired up, hot and ready for the egg.

Microwaved the tortilla during this time for 10 seconds to loosen it up, then placed some cheese and fresh tomatoes on the tortilla. The waiting (not long) for the egg began.

Awaiting the final piece.

OMG, it fits perfectly in the small tortilla. They were meant to be!

Rolled up that baby and tossed some hot sauce on it. I was ready to eat that thing up!


See, it’s perfect for on the go, too!

Shhhh, I know. Don’t eat and drive.


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