Fabulous Fresh Salsa

When I was younger, I thought canned Chi Chi’s salsa was the cat’s meow. I thought that was the only way to have salsa – straight from a can. Boy, was I wrong.

All you really need… and some spices


4 Roma tomatoes, diced

half an onion, diced

half a green pepper, diced

cayenne pepper

ground black pepper

sea salt

garlic powder

Roma tomatoes are perfect for salsa. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s because they aren’t too juicy and cut perfectly. Plus, they’re cheaper!! Go cheap produce.

Good enough to eat just like this… or with some mozzarella cheese. Yum

All diced up, tossed in the bowl with a bit of spices, give it a toss and it’s cheaper and better than canned salsa!!

So good!

Smash up an avocado , toss into the fresh salsa, and you’ve got a great snack. I’m thinking I have a thing for Mexican food.. hmmmm I gotta start food traveling to other countries… where to next?

With avocado.



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