Spicy Jalapeno Grilled Cheese

It’s delicious, I promise.

I needed something spicy that was meat-free. Going on this kick to see how long I can go without eating chicken, beef, pork, or anything that moves. Eggs and milk are allowed. Seriously, I’m not crazy enough to go vegan here. Just trying to trade some higher calorie food for nutrient rich foods. Although I’m not sure what I made was actually healthy….


Rye bread

Cheddar Cheese



Olive Oil


Heat the pan with some olive oil and throw in sliced onions. Cook on low with some garlic powder. I cannot stress this enough, you’ll  burn or crisp the onions if you don’t. We’re looking to caramelize them. Right at the end, throw in some diced up jalapenos (right from the jar, not fresh). Pull them out of the pan, place on rye bread with cheddar and throw back in the pan. (Don’t forget to butter the sides of the bread that will touch the pan.

Cook till toasted and you’re golden. I swear, it came out delicious.


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