Creative Envelopes: Puffy Pumpkins

If I’m going to send Halloween cards, I might as well make them pretty, right?

Yes, I blurred out the address. Wouldn’t want to give away who’s getting this snazzy card. Also, they might not like getting tons of mail from strangers. Unless you guys are sending money, then you can just send it to me. I’ll make sure it stays safe for them.

Start with the puffy paint.

So to start, you’ll want to make the bottom of the pumpkin. It’s basically three ovals, but tight together and don’t fill in the middle lines in the pumpkin. Look at the design I made, easier to follow that way, probably. Then go in with green for the swirly vine and the leaf.  Let dry over night.

Yay, so cute!


I’m so pumped about this and can’t wait to see if they like the mail!


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